One Hour Photography: The Fastest Way to Learn Photography

Take better photos FAST!

Have you always wanted to take pictures, but didn’t know where to start?
Have you ever thought “Why doesn’t my camera show how it looks in real life?”
Do you love photography, but haven’t had the time to learn?

You might think it takes weeks, months, or even years to learn what you need to know, but I’m only asking for an hour. In this book you’ll begin to master:
• Camera Settings
• Composition
• Lighting & Exposure
• Lenses & Other Gear
• Photo Editing

It’s easy to get discouraged by mountains of information and slow progress. I was when I started. I scoured the web, books, and photography expert’s videos only to find that most of the information didn’t make my pictures improve. I wanted a better solution. One that only explained what a beginner needs to know in clear, concise language with useful example photographs. This book is that solution. It will give you the critical information you need to confidently take great pictures. Every one of those pictures is experience that will lead to becoming a truly excellent photographer. Don’t waste time learning things that don’t really affect your photos.