Solem Shorts

Solem Shorts is a series of short stories that explore big questions through inspirational fiction. If you’re looking for exciting moral stories written in a comfortable and familiar style that can be read in minutes, look no further. Inspired by fairytales and bedtime stories of old, many are written as allegories and fables. Enjoy your first (or next) Solem Short today!

Forest of Folly e-book cover

What if your strongest attribute was your name? Would you be proud or ashamed?

A fun day in the forest goes wrong when three friends must each pay the price for their biggest faults. Glutton, Gullible, Fearful, and Reasonable all have something to face in the Forest of Folly, and only time can tell who will survive.

Out of the deepest depths of despair come the greatest victories.

King Captain Alastair IV embarks on a perilous journey for honor, glory, and treasure, but is chased by the curse that took his father and every other Pirate King. Will it take him to a watery grave before he can achieve his goals?

Who is really king in this kingdom?

King Reginald constantly finds opposition to his reign. Some same he is a tyrant, others a genius. One thing is for sure; It may not be easy, but it sure is good to be king.